Royal Huisman Propulsion System Refinement

A well-known international yacht was visiting New Zealand in the summer of 2018, when due to unfortunate circumstances, the propulsion drive line developed excessive noise and vibration. Marine Power Systems ltd were asked to assist the repair effort.

The vessel was slipped in Auckland and shaft removed for investigation. Several defects were found including an imbalanced propeller, bent shaft and misaligned shaft bearings. A full system overhaul was undertaken which included straightening, metal spraying and dynamically balancing the shaft, a full laser realignment of the shaft bearings, gearbox and main engine and the installation of new resilient mounts to the main propulsion machinery.

A sea trial was carried out to test the effectiveness of the repairs. The results were truly magnificent, no noticeable vibration or noise was felt anywhere in the vessel, even at full power output! The results were testament to the hard work that had been carried out by all involved and are reflective of what can be achieved with the right approach to the repair process.

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