torquetrak 10K-LP

Measuring live torque in real time is easier than ever with the TorqueTrak 10K-LP (Low Profile) telemetry system. Convert virtually any drive shaft into a rotating torque sensor by simply mounting the wireless torque transmitter, battery and a torque sensitive strain gage to the shaft. At only 0.70 inches tall, the TorqueTrak 10K-LP is ideal for applications with very low radial clearance (area around the shaft) such as on vehicle drive shafts.

Use the infrared remote control to adjust transmitter gain, activate the remote shunt calibration or switch the transmitter to standby power mode. The multi-line LCD receiver display and keypad make system adjustments straightforward. Low power consumption in the rugged transmitter allows longer battery life than the TorqueTrak 10K while sophisticated electronics assure accurate and reliable torque data output.

Features and Benefits


Easy to use

Fits any size shaft, any torque level. No machine modifications or disassembly required. Calibration is done off-the-shaft. Receiver display and keypad offer user-friendly interface


Infrared Remote Control

Control transmitter operation including channel select, gain/range, shunt calibration and low-power standby mode


Reliable Data Transmission

Clean, noise-free data signal through analog voltage output or digital data output via RS-232


User Adjustable Gain

Amplify the strain/torque signal to the most useful level


Standby Power Mode

Extends transmitter battery life up to 30 days without disconnecting battery


16 Channels

500 Hz Frequency Response Use multiple systems simultaneously


Compact size

Instruments can be installed in tight spaces due to the small size of the transmitter


Optional waterproof housing

Waterproof housing tested to IP66 allows the TorqueTrak 10K-LP to be installed in wet environments

The Range

TorqueTrak 10K

For temporary measurements of Torque, Power and RPM on a rotating shaft

TorqueTrak 10K-LP

Low profile instrument for use in confined spaces

TorqueTrak TPM2

For permanent monitoring with digital outputs

TorqueTrak Revolution

For permanent monitoring with 4-20mA outputs