Cummins Onan Generator Repairs

Upon the request from a regular customer, Marine Power System investigated a Cummins Onan generator that was suffering problems onboard a large luxury yacht in Auckland’s Viaduct marina. A thorough diagnosis revealed that the generator was not producing voltage on start-up, leading to the protection system shutting the engine down. Further electrical checks proved that the defect lay in the generator windings and the decision was taken to remove the unit. The location of the generator meant that access was severely limited, however after a couple of days of hard work and perseverance, the generator was safely off the vessel.

A few days later, the generator had been repaired and faulty diodes replaced. The team worked overtime to ensure that the generator was reinstalled and tested functional prior to the busy Easter weekend.

As well as being propulsion specialists, the team at Marine Power Systems are experienced marine engineers and can take on almost any job onboard any vessel. This versatility is why we have such a vast and loyal customer base whom we endeavor to support, whatever the situation.