Vessel Repowering

There are numerous benefits to repowering a vessel:

  • Enhanced performance, better acceleration cruise speed.
  • Improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.
  • Improved reliability and confidence in the vessel.
  • Improve the overall experience through lower noise, smoother running and greater confidence in the propulsion system.
  • Increase the resale value of the vessel.


Having chosen to repower a vessel, the next step is to decide on an engine supplier that will provide you with the right equipment to suit your situation. 

MARINE POWER SYSTEMS provide solutions that are tailored to each customer.

The process begins with a visit to the vessel to inspect the engine room and take measurements that will help to determine the available options. 

Within a few days, all available options are presented to the customer with recommendations as to the merits and potential hurdles of each.


Out with the old

In with the new