Condition Monitoring

Borescopic inspection, torsional vibrational analysis and performance assessment

The safe and efficient performance of your propulsion system is essential to the operation of your vessel. It is for this reason, Marine Power Systems offer the most comprehensive Condition Monitoring services in New Zealand and wider Pacific.

Degraded performance can be difficult to detect and often goes unnoticed. This can result in higher fuel burn, lower power outputs and increased running costs. It is therefore essential to include a program of condition monitoring alongside traditional maintenance in order to identify defects before they become failures.

Marine Power Systems offer comprehensive condition monitoring and analysis services designed to ensure your plant maintains maximum capacity, efficiency and reliability. Their team are experts in the field of machinery operation, trials and performance optimisation and can assist with any of the following:

Remote Visual Inspections

Remote visual inspection is a powerful tool for assessing the true condition of machinery without disassembling the equipment. Marine Power Systems are currently the only company to specialize in offering remote visual inspections to the marine industry in New Zealand.

Torsional Vibration measurements

Torsional vibration is a damaging condition caused by an oscillation of torque on drive shafts. Left unchecked, torsional vibration can lead to accelerated fatigue and shaft failure. Marine Power Systems are able to accurately measure torsional vibrations on most drive shafts allowing owners to identify and rectify problems before failure occurs.

Performance analysis

The performance of a vessel is an important indicator of current condition and reliability. Marine Power Systems have a range of specialist tools and equipment that measures and trend vessel performance parameters, highlighting areas for concern and forming baseline data for future assessments.