Diesel Engineering

Diesel engines are the heart of every vessel and therefore form the backbone of Marine Power Systems Engineering services.

Alignment and Propulsion Installation

Incorrect alignment can lead to excessive vibration, noise and damage to propulsion equipment. Marine Power Systems specialise in laser alignment and propulsion systems installation.

Controllable Pitch Propellers

Marine Power Systems are able to repair all types of Wartsila or LIPS CPP system. We overhaul VL, VO, RO, RB and custom models of OD box to manufacturers specifications using genuine high quality spare parts.


Marine Power Systems are specialise in diagnosing faults within engine and propulsion drive systems. Our detailed technical knowledge and range of specialist test and inspection equipment allows us to perform diagnostic procedures, equal to or better than the OEM.

The team at Marine Power Systems are experienced seafarers as well as skilled engineers. Because of this, we understand the harsh operating environment in which equipment needs to perform. We also appreciate the importance of reliability and efficiency to you and your business. Our services are tailored around these facts and are aimed to ensure you get the maximum level of performance, efficiency and reliability from your vessel.

our services

Diesel Engineering

Diesel engine servicing and repair, right through to complete rebuilds of propulsion and power generation engines.


Electronic diagnostics and fault finding on modern diesel engines and propulsion drivelines.

Condition Monitoring

Borescopic inspections, performance analysis, power measurements and torsional vibrational analysis.

Alignment and Propulsion Installs

Installation and laser alignment of main engines, gearboxes, stern tubes and strut bearings.

CPP Overhauls

Overhaul facility for Controllable Pitch Propeller systems such as Wartsila OD boxes.

Mechanical Inspections

Mechanical inspections of main engines, gearboxes and propulsion drivelines.