Alamarin Jet are world leading manufacturers of waterjet propulsion drives and control systems.

Suitable for input power up to 2040hp, Alamarin Jet are world renown for producing robust and reliable drives which are supported worldwide throughout a comprehensive dealer network.

Marine Power Systems Ltd are the official sales and service agents for all Alamarin Jet products in New Zealand and the South Pacific.


Omega Series Waterjets

The new Omega series waterjets from Alamarin are a significant step up into the large propulsion market and are suitable for input power between 750 and 2040hp. 

AJ Series Waterjets

The AJ series waterjets are suitable for input power of up to 750hp and are particularly well matched to workboats and fast rescue (SOLAS) vessels.

Sigma Control systems

Sigma controls offer a complete propulsion display with electro-hydraulic integration with up to 4 waterjets. Sigma control optionally comes with AJ Intelligent Dynamics which provide the ability to integrate to third party autonomous and unmanned systems.

Sigma Control Display Unit